Bonjour from Belgium!

This all started with one typo-littered email. I blame Belgian keyboards.

Bonjour mes amis!

So I just wanted to drop a little note telling y’qll how I’m doing;
and it’s proving more difficult than I expected since I am using a
Belgian keyboard which is subtlely and frustratingly different than an
American keyboard. But aside from that everything is going very well.

After a longer than it ever should be flight, I landed in Paris! My
aunt and uncle picked me up and we’re taking me on mini tour of Paris
but i feell dead asleep before we got out of the airpot since I hadn’t
been able to sleep on any portion of the 24 hour plus journey it took
to get here…anyways my aunt and uncle live in a small town called
Spa tucked away in a veru lush and quaint part of Belgium. They live
with a hermit millionaire who eats all his meals alone, his three
horses and his two horse-sized Saint Bernards (and i thought Beethoven
was big). It’s beautiful here and the views and buildings are amazing
to look at.

And the food is FANTASTIC, even the Belgian waffles smell good to me
(and I’ve never been a big fan of waffles/pancakes, blasphemy, i
know). I’ve tried the Netherland specialty of raw salted fish which is
fine just ridiculously salty, a given, and Belgians frites (french
fries) with about five different sauces (none of which are good ol’
ketchup) like gqrlic mayo, this heinz concoction called cocktail
(which i think is mayo with some ketchup), spicy heinz cocktail,
really strong garlic dip, and the all around favorite for the
Belgians–MAYO…anyways, the pastries and breads are to die for and
my uncle makes me the most amazing breakfast spread which grows every
morning. He sets out a huge baguette for me, hot from the bakery in
town, and a giant platter with four different kinds of ham, to kinds
to pate foie gras, two types of salami, prosciutto, cheese and smoked
duck, alongside butter, margarine, cream cheese, fruit preserves, and
my new favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread, it’s not nutella it has a
fancy french name but it tastes like in cream filling inside those
Frere Rocher candies which makes me happy they call it a breakfast
food. As you can probably tell Belgium has already made its way into
my heart.

While here I have just been enjoying the time walking around and
meeting people. Last night my cousin and her boyfriend took me out to
a pub where everyone literally knows everyone elses name and we’re
quick to try and find out mine. And it really is true that people are
more accepting when they learn you aren’t American (i.e. “this is my
cousin from Los Angeles” as to “there’s an American girl here
tonight!”) but the people are very friendly and curious to know more
about me and what i’m doing here. My cousin and I already stand out
as-is since she, her mother, my aunt and uncle are the only asian
people who live in Spa.

Tomorrow I am headed to Brussels to be a tourist which will be fun and
then hopefully continue to London for my general orientqtion. The
Eurotunnel/Chunnel caught fire Thursday morning and is only currently
running at 60% operating rate, so hopefully by Monday it will be fully
functioning so I don’t miss/struggle to find another way of getting to
London for orientation…

For those of you with Skype I probably won’t be on until I arrive in
London/Norwich since my aunt’s house does not have wireless and the
internet outlet is hard to reach since the desk where the co^puter is
is built into the very large and thick stonewall.

Sorry for the long e,ail, I hope it was alright and not too boring. It
certainly took me long enough to write with this troublesone keyboard.
And as great and exciting as it is here, I do miss bits and pieces of
home and certainly all of you. So I hope this email finds you all
doing well and having a great time wherever you are!

And feel free to write back and tell me how y’all are doing!




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