I know I haven’t written about my trip to Barcelona, Rome and Florence. But I have to be honest, I could never fully express what it was like–obviously. I was blaming it on the fact that I hadn’t gotten the pictures from Kaitie and that I had school work to do but in reality it’s more like I feel like I can’t do it any justice. I feel like whenever I tell people what we did it’s like a list and it seems so mundane, as if I was marking off a checklist but it was so much more than that.

Our friend, Freddie, asked Kaitie and I if we ever fell out with one another during our trip. Which is an understandable question when any two people, especially girls, are together for so long and in such close quarters, and surprisingly or unsurprisingly the answer is a resounding “No.” Kaitie and I made each other laugh so hard nearly every day we found ourselves in fits of laughter where we couldn’t breathe or could barely stand. That is what kind of trip it was. I am so grateful to have seen the beautiful things I was able to see in Barcelona and Rome and Florence but I’m even more grateful to have had a traveling buddy that tolerated, and indulged, in my moments of insanity and made the pouring rain, hectic schedule and pushy vendors more bearable. So, in conclusion, the trip was A-mazing. Pictures and more stories will follow. But for now, Kaitie and I are heading off to Edinburgh.


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  1. Connor

    Best line “moments of insanity”

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