bueno y no bueno.

Let me introduce y’all to what is right and good in the world–Bueno bars.


They are milk chocolate covered, dark chocolate drizzled wafer capsules which are filled with an amazingly smooth and creamy hazelnut filling. And because I have nothing better to do with my life, I have some interesting facts to share about this new love of mine.

The company that makes these bars are also responsible for Ferrer-Rochers.

Kinder means “children” in German.

They are sold in the US but they’re a rarity.

Which leads me to two thoughts:

1. I should immediately invest in this company because it now produces two of my favorite candies in the world.

2. And what can I leave behind to make room for Bueno bars?

I have about 150 pages of chaucer’s middle-english reading to do by tomorrow. The level of procrastination has hit an all-time high here in Norwich. I timestamped an assignment at 2:59pm when it was due at 3pm. I no longer start papers the day or night before but mill about until panic mode hits about two hours before it has to be turned in. I even had a dream last night about procrastination. In my dream I  had my two final papers due at 4pm. My dream self woke up and checked the time–3:15pm–my dream self then proceeded to think “Whatever” and go back to sleep. If this is any indication of how the end of the term is going to be… then this, my friends, is no bueno.


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  1. Connor

    Lol, first of all, kinder –> Kindergarten
    Second of all, that is ridiculous you should definitely not wait till 2 hours before to do a paper.

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