Giving Thanks.

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I was going to list all the things I am grateful for but my friend Carol did it better than I think I can, so I’m going to let her words speak for me with a few additional words from yours truly.


with no good food. no black friday shopping. no family.


Despite being broke as hell, I am thankful that I have enough finances to be here.
Despite being homesick, I am thankful that I have met wonderful people that help me cope.
Despite being disappointed to be spending thanksgiving in a place where the day is slightly mocked, I am thankful for the chance to be able to experience it in another wonderful place.
Despite all the things I complain about, I am thankful for every person and every experience in my life.

True dat. I sincerely believe every word she’s so eloquently jotted and I am so grateful to be here, in England, on this Earth. I mean what are the chances? That I exist and you exist and we’re friends? It’s pretty mind-boggling but I’m glad it’s all turned out this way. Here’s to another year full of things to be thankful for.


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  1. connor

    That was really good, i hope that you get Carol to edit your papers.

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