192 till D-Day.

I have eight days left before D-Day. And only nine days before my time at UEA comes to a close. It’s all sort of surreal, I can’t even begin to describe the mixture of sadness, relief, anxiety and excitement for the days to come.

Well, after Due Day that is. In the next 192 hours I have to finish my children’s cookbook project, an essay for my Chaucer class and an essay for my Freud class. But I’m actually enjoying my cookbook project. If y’all have been wondering why I’ve been bothering you about cookbook recipes and favorite food items from children’s stories, this is what it’s been for. I’m designing a mini recipe book inspired by children’s stories, ranging from the classics like The Little Red Hen to my absolute favorite–Matilda. Anyways, I’ve been steadily working on it so it shouldn’t be too bad and I’m actually really proud of it. So I thought I would share two of the pages.

Bread a la The Little Red Hen



I can’t wait to show y’all the finished product.

Until then though I have to try and finish the rest of this junk by December 11th and then I am home free. Well, kind of. After this I might be heading into London or going straight to Manchester for a couple of days before flying into Belgium for Christmas with my aunt and uncle. And then I’ll be with Erin’s family, in Paris and wherever else they decide to travel, until I fly home on the 2nd. So I’ll be home then.

I thought I would also mention that these projects wouldn’t be so difficult to get done if it wasn’t for these recent developments.

I am now partially nocturnal.

I am entrenched in a book series I just found–Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

And worst of all, I am completely consumed by the high-sheen, fast-paced, beauty that is Gossip Girl. It’s horrible, I know.

Wish me luck people.


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  1. connor

    You had me until Gossip Girl

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