Say What? PART (pun intended) 2.

So this morning I tried to wake up to watch the Inauguration ceremony. I dutifully set my alarm at 7:30am despite Danny Greene’s cries against it and planned on watching our first half-white president being sworn in. It didn’t happen.

What I did instead was watch his speech online and then discovered something even more important than his ethnicity, his political views, his economic policies–the way in which he parts or in his case doesn’t part his hair.

Now you may ask why I care about such a trivial thing, but I remember reading a long time ago about how left-parting and right-parting affects the way a person is perceived. It’s the hair equivalent of astrological signs. So to prove my point to a skeptical roommate, Julie, I sought out this article and here is what I found.

“There is little or no representation of the more neutral hair choice – the middle or no-part. These neutral hair styles create individuals that tend to be more balanced and in harmony with their surroundings, but as it turns out, you rarely see them in the public eye. This group is at least 50% of all people – if their voices were heard, then maybe our society would discover ways to more inclusive and balanced.”

Ahem, ahem.

No Part!

No Part!

“It is generally perceived as neutral in the eyes of viewers – neither brain side is emphasized by a physical signal. In many ways it is stronger than the side parts, because it gives the individual the option of creating a symmetrical cumulative and interactional continuity with the world, with both sides having a say.

Often harmony and strength of character can be the result, with some of the most dependable, quality individuals being middle parting. However, if balance is the choice, there is ease in making and keeping harmonious relationships, an ease that is rarely given to side parting individuals.

The best example might be Jesus, depicted always with a middle part. Even if the portraits can never be verified, imagine Jesus with a left or right part – he just wouldn’t convey the same powerful, yet loving image that he has now.”

Middle Part!

Middle Part!

Say what?!

I just thought it was funny and highly coincidental. And that’s all I’m saying.

And I can just imagine the conversation in class tomorrow, which will go a little like this:

“Duyen, what did you think of this reading?”

“Um, I didn’t get a chance to look at it. I was looking up some stuff about Obama.”

“Oh really? What were you looking at?”

“Hair parts.”

“Excuse me?”

“Obama and Jesus are both non-partisan hair-parters.”


I have very little in my life.


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  1. Haha I must say that is quite the observation! I didn’t even notice. Although I did see more gray hairs. The stress must be getting to him!

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