A Morning on Pico.

I have a feeling this internship will be nothing if not eventful.

Today as I preparedly left for work at a prompt 8:05AM from my apartment, I thought “What could go wrong?” And then was answered by the cosmos above, “A LOT.”

Speeding along the 405 South I hit the 10-East and was told there was an accident…and that both the 10-West and East were closed for investigation. GREAT. It is now 8:15 and I’m stranded in a BestBuy parking lot debating whether I should go back and give up or forge ahead even though I have no idea where to go. I choose the latter.

I eventually wake Connor up from his deep slumber, for which I am very sorry since he had a midterm this morning, and get told to take Pico all the way there. It’s about 15 miles, on a surface street at 8 in the morning on a workday, in LA, you do the math. About an hour and half later, I finally get to work, pay my five dollars for 2 hour parking and make my way to the office. To do what you ask? Make some phone calls and check some mail for a whopping rate of a dollar an hour.

Now this might seem like a whole lot of trouble for nothing but at least I’m being productive? I’m trying to find an upside to this but it’s getting a little difficult.

Cons: Waking up at 7:40ish every Monday and Wednesday, battling LA traffic, paying them to work there.

Pros: Get an hour of alone time in the car to sing, feeling quasi-productive and seeing a street cleaner practicing his golf swing with his broom. It’s nice to see people dream.


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