Locks of LOVE.

In case you haven’t heard…I decided to donate most of my hair to Locks of Love this past Thursday. The reasons are three-fold:

1) How can you say no to a little kid with cancer or other debilitating disease?

2) My hair was out of control. It was strangling me in the middle of the night, getting itself caught on zippers and just being too troublesome to take care of. I think it was a sign that it wanted to leave.

3) By donating it at UCLA’s Locks of Love event I got a free haircut from Vidal Sassoon, free BJ’s food, a t-shirt and a bag full of goodies.

It’s a win-win situation. So I excitedly signed myself up and then anxiously arrived and waited and waited some more. Finally I got all my hair lopped off. And surprisingly it took me about thirty seconds to get over the shock.

Two and a half hours later, after both the people working on my hair were satisfied I left the James West Alumni center a whole new me.

Now early reviews have been mixed:

“It looked nicer when it was long. Now you SERIOUSLY look like a F.O.B.”

-Danny Greene

“DUYEN CUT HER HAIR OFF!!! she looks like the asian victoria beckham, it’s fab. it’s so fab, it’s mayjuh.”


You can be the judge.




a whopping TWELVE inches later….


Either way, I can’t and wouldn’t change a thing.


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One response to “Locks of LOVE.

  1. looks awesome.
    plus free bj’s – did you get a pizzookie?
    and nice jacket!

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