baby goals, thus far.

A few weeks ago at the start of the quarter my friends and I had a “goals meeting.” Why you ask? Because usually when we have a chance to get together and start discussing current and future life plans this conversation ensues.

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing much. You?”

“Not much either. Got any plans?”


Which inevitably concudes with all of us saying:

“What am I doing with my life? We are so useless.”

It’s remarkable how productive we, or at least I, used to be. In highschool, we hustled. A common day for me was to wake up at 5:15 am, hit the pool by 5:40am, swim until zero period at 7am, attend school until 1:45, a second swim practice until 4:30 and then rehearsal or set building or Comedy Sportz until at least 8 and if not until 12am. And then I would go home, procrastinate, do my homework and then watch TV until about 2 in the morning. And then do it all over again the next day. And at times I was working 20 hours a week at Mervyn’s and babysitting my niece and nephew. Man, I was efficient.

In comparison, I had school two days a week in England. And sometimes I didn’t go. Look at how far I’ve come in three years.

Anyways this led me to think I needed to get my act together. Suzanne very helpfully wrote down the goals I made and in the recent weeks I have tried to bring those goals to fruition. I haven’t looked at them until now.


  • Keep up with reading for at least one class

I would like to say that as of 6th week, I am caught up on all of my readings for all THREE of my upper-div english classes. What? What? It’s nice walking into class and knowing what’s going on.

  • Apply for jobs/internships

I’ve applied to at least 30 plus jobs. Only to be rejected or completely ignored. But I did apply.

  • Make friends in class

Usually I’m the loner kid who eats a lot. But in my theater class this quarter I’ve been able to socialize like a normal human being. How can you not bond when you’re all trotting around like horses and being threatened by an unstable samurai guy?

  • Be less paranoid

Still paranoid. Heard screaming outside my window last night, leaned out the window to make sure no one was dying.

  • Some form of legitimate exercise at least twice a week

I waddled on a treadmill for about 40 minutes a couple of weeks ago and went on a 2 mile “hike” with Connor’s family last weekend. This one remains elusive.

  • $$$

I have some, I would like more. Internship=$300 Taking notes=$100 I don’t get either of those until the end of the quarter.

  • Go on Facebook less

I’m an addict. But I think my usage has been less…damn those “25 Things” notes.

  • Start painting and drawing

I will have to for one of my projects. Check!

  • Wake up before class

I’ve actually done this most mornings. Enough time to make a sandwich or switch earrings or check the weather. Success.

  • Read stack of “To Read” books by 1/1/10

Pssh, I still got 10 and a half more months to tackle this sucker. Got any recommendations?

  • Buy a cookbook and cook every recipe

I haven’t bought a cookbook yet. But I’ve been trying out new recipes. I think it counts.

Overall, I’m doing pretty well for myself. Just thought I would give myself a pat on the back. Pat, pat.

Besides, making it semi-public will keep me honest.



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2 responses to “baby goals, thus far.

  1. *pat*pat*pat*
    🙂 good for you.
    any of those to-read books from my collection? And any recommendations from you?

  2. I’ve been trying to do this. Without someone to keep you honest it’s hard though =(

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