Eff My Life.

Tuesday night I had one of those “eff my life” moments. This is what my little blurb would be a la fmylife.com:

‘Today I was telling my roommate how I have to bullshit an English presentation tonight. Lo and behold at that moment said English professor calls and demands to know where this presentation is. I tell her I’ll email her. She says she’ll wait. FML.’

And to continue this lovely trend of things going badly…I recently ordered a pair of sunglasses online and they are now mysteriously lost in the US mail system. Typically I wouldn’t worry myself too much but on top of that I got an email notice claiming that there had been an attempted delivery at 9:43pm…on a day the Post Office had off…and that a notice had been left…

Now we all know the mail system does not make deliveries after 5pm especially on a day they are supposed to have off. And there is no note in sight. I have a tracking number. A start location. A midway location. And then somewhere between Wilshire and my apartment, the distance of about a quarter mile, my package has decided to either hop off the truck, refused to be scanned or is sitting right where it should be and the postal workers are inept. I think option three is most suspect.

On a brighter note, the sunglasses I got are about sixty percent off of  list price, my in-class quiz became a take-home quiz, and the paper I had due today I can postpone until next week if I so choose. So mayhaps things are looking up? Let us hope so.


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  1. Good website…http://mylifeiscrap.com actually was the unofficial english version until, FML was lunched a couple of month later. Viedemerde.fr is the original website…

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