Dance Marasawns.

There are only a few times in my life have I felt such a wave of emotion and exhaustion. This past weekend was one of them. I participated in both UCLA and USC’s Dance Marathons. Sound a bit contradictory?


Anything but.

I spent about 14 hours on my feet from 11am to 10am moralling and raising money for Pediatric AID’s and children affected by cancer. And I never really stopped to think about the impact I was making or the sense of camaraderie there was until I stopped to look around the room.

There is this amazing sense of awe when after being on your feet for so long and being so tired and then seeing people who have been on their feet even longer still cheering, still pumping their hands in the air, still laughing through the pain and the tears all to make things in this world a little bit better. Even if all we could do was stand complaining, we were still standing, together.


I went to USC’s Dance Marathon to support Suzanne’s cause and there I saw another dancer sporting a UCLA Dance Marathon shirt who had come to dance for USC and I just thought it was great that there is mutual support for one another. I am truly inspired by what Suzanne and Afarin and Connor and everyone else who was even remotely involved with this weekend did for a great cause. It makes me think, maybe I can make all 26 hours next year. Maybe.

And I wasn’t going to write this entry originally because I didn’t really know what to say. But a forwarded email from Suzanne’s mom, Anne Fitzgerald–my personal blogging hero–got me thinking, and a little teary-eyed. Mama Fitzgerald you humble me. Dance Marathon and all the good people behind it, y’all humble me.

In the end it’s all about







If you are interested in participating in or donating to either Dance Marathon next year check out their respective websites.



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  1. jcannata

    Duyen, you are truly amazing! and I almost cried from Mrs. Fitzgerald’s email too! I am so proud of our friends including you and your moralling and blogging! I love love love you!

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