Fit, But Don’t You Know It.

Today is the third day of the “Duyenisgettinghealthy” regimen. Since I have Monday, Wednesday and Fridays off–I know, it’s sinfully fantastic–I have vowed to devote time to getting myself back in shape.

Now, you wouldn’t guess it reading my last post but I used to be a somewhat healthy human being. I did swimming, played sports, rode bikes, walked places and now I prefer to eat and drive. This has led me to become unreasonably unhealthy, I realized this when I got winded walking briskly up some stairs and when I tried on a bikini at Chick’s. And enough is enough.

I thought to myself “You can be better than this” and promised myself that these upcoming months would be different. I would not plop myself in front of the TV with a bag of chips, carton of ice cream or any other “bad” foods. I would work out and get healthier.

My ultimate goal?

To confidently put on a swimsuit again, knock off a couple of pounds and just feel good about myself, physically.

By Monday I had all but forgotten my new quarter resolution and was just about to settle into a marathon of Friday Night Lights. Until I was surreptitiously reminded by Connor and then coerced into going to the gym. One day down.

Tuesday, Clarissa and I walked/jogged laps around the track. Check.

Today, Clarissa and I jogged up and down the bleachers and then did an assortment of painful crunches and leg lifts.

Thus far, mission accomplished. But with an already overwhelming amount of reading to do already, an internship, and a new personal assistant job (go me!) I hope I can find the time and workout buddies to keep this up. Wish me luck.


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