Burrito Success…

or health FAIL.

After a successful week of exercising and cutting back on food, I had the sudden urge to go to one of the restaurants featured on Man vs. Food’s LA episode. Restaurant in question is El Tepeyac and the meal in question is called their Manuel special burrito.

What does this special burrito consists of?

The usual, pork, cheese, rice, guacamole. beans, red sauce. So what’s the big deal right? I ate a burrito.

But this is no ordinary burrito. Weighing in at over FIVE POUNDS and measuring about SEVENTEEN INCHES long, this burrito is the madre of all the burritos. And it annihilated me.

If that wasn’t enough Mexican food for the day, on an impulse my roommate, Julie, and I drove to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Where I proceeded to devour a Super Cuca’s California Burrito (French fries in a burrito? How could I possibly resist?) and followed it up the next day with a Bandito Burrito from La Cantina. Overall, unintentionally burrito weekend–success.

And now back to exercising…

To see the Manuel Special for yourself check out this segment of Man Vs. Food.


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