Tech Savvy. Sort of.

So I’m taking an electronic literature class this quarter and it’s about how literature as advanced and evolved as technology has become more sophisticated. Yada yada yada. Sometimes it’s pretentious, sometimes it’s cool but mostly it’s fun to look at and play with.

I had an assignment tonight to use MIT’s Scratch program to make some little ditty. It’s an online system created to teach kids how to program and create their own games, music videos, mini-movies etc. I thought it would take me like five minutes to put something together. It’s child’s play…right?


Three hours later, after twiddling with all the functions and going through the “How To” instructions, I have created this masterpiece. It makes me happy. And I thought I would share.

Here is my rendition of one of my favorite scenes from Matilda. Check it out!


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