You know when you get to see a monument from far away and the overwhelming urge to pinch, push, pull, point, and pretend like it’s actually tiny takes you over? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

I am not immune to this. As evidenced here…

Look! A tiny Duomo, get it?

Look! A tiny Duomo, get it?

But what is priceless is when you realize that everyone else does it too. ESPECIALLY if you can catch this phenomena occurring…

pisa1It cracks me up every time.

Man, the people of Pisa must have a ridiculously high tolerance for the idiocy of tourists.



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2 responses to “original.

  1. Oh wow what a hilarious picture…

  2. That is a funny picture, but let’s be honest; the only reason you mocked those people is because you wanted to do that pose too, but you’d look unoriginal with all those buffoons doing it behind you.

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