Terriers and Bariffs.

I am supposed to be doing research for a paper due this week but I thought this was too funny to not share with y’all. My paper is about the transformation of language post 9/11 and how it has changed the way in which we understand the event itself. Fancy schmancy, no?

Anyways, in my venture to learn more about politically minded linguistics I stumbled upon a book called Presidential Voices that takes a look at the way in which Presidents speak–professionally and personally. Some are insightful, concise, and well spoken…and others are well, Dubya.

Dubya’s commentary on his own ineptness:

“Now ladies and gentlemen, you have to admit in my sentences, I go where no man has gon before. But the way I see it is, I am a boon to the English language. I’ve coined new words like ‘misunderestimate’ and ‘Hispanically.’ I’ve expanded the definition of words themselves, using ‘vulcanize’ when I meant ‘polarize’ …and ‘inebriating’ when I meant ‘exhilarating.'”

Tee hee. This had me and Julie laughing for a good five minutes. But then again we are the kind of people who sat and discussed who we thought was the most handsome president. JFK is our favesies.

What a dream boat.

What a dream boat.

And from now on I am going to be substituting exciting/enjoyable/exhilarating (and any other synonymous word) with “inebriating.” It’s going be inebriating.


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