I went and saw The Hangover last night and it was pretty funny. And that’s saying a lot since when it comes to the “Frat Pack” movies a la Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn I’m pretty critical. But this was hilarious.



Anyways, came home from the movie late last night–around 3am–and proceeded to hang around before going to sleep. Connor slept over last night and was treated to this little sleep-talking episode:

Duyen sits up in bed and starts murmuring in gibberish, frantically looking around and lifting up the sheets.

Connor looks on, bemused.

Duyen turns and shakes Connor.

“Connor, you are wearing his grandmother’s wedding ring! You have to give it back.”

“…I’m not wearing a ring.”

“Let me see.”

(Apparently my eyes are open, freaky)

“I told you I’m not wearing a ring.”

“But you are, I know you are, you NEVER BELIEVE ME!”

(this line of reasoning goes on for awhile accompanied by my screaming and hurried searching for this supposed ring)

“Connor, DON’T MOVE. If you move the ring will move and then we’ll really lose it. Just stay VERY STILL. DON’T MOVE!!!!”

Connor has had enough and rolls over to go back to sleep.

“CONNOR YOU MOVED!!! Now we’ll never find it!!!!”

“Duyen, go back to sleep.”

“I might as well go back to sleep because you moved and we’ll never find the ring now,” I mumbled angrily as I proceeded to roll over and pass out.

I have almost no recollection of this. I remember trying to find something and being upset about it.

In The Hangover, Stu loses his grandmother’s ring. Apparently this really resonated with me.


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