Doogen and the Boy Who Lived.

I’m taking an Electronic Literature class and for my final I could either do a ten page research paper or a creative project. Could the choice be any easier? Creative project, here I come.

Usually these projects consist of a very specific idea, lots of glue, cutting and pasting and a general takeover of the living room in my apartment. This project was a whole ‘nother kind of beast. I am not particularly computer literate, yes this blog is deceiving, so trying to create something online proves more difficult than I initially expected. Remember my Matilda project? The ten seconds of actual animation that took me well over three hours? Yeah…

This time I wanted to use another one of my favorite things–Harry Potter–as the basis for my project. I wanted to make a visually intertesting and interactive version of the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I allotted a full two days to this project which then extended into about a full week, give or take a couple of food breaks. And after all the ridiculous frustration, tedious meddling, and lots of trial and error I present to you “Doogen and the Boy Who Lived.”

Doogen and the Boy Who Lived!

Doogen and the Boy Who Lived!

I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!


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