In the Summertime…

and the weather is lukewarm?

It hasn’t been summer weather recently. It was clammy and unfriendly. No me gusta.

I finished my last final last Thursday and spent the day lounging around my apartment in denial that I was going to be entering my last year of college. Because obviously packing my stuff meant admitting defeat.

To recap, I finished my Harry Potter project–which, fingers crossed, I hope I did well on–and finished my Lady Audley’s Secret essay BEFORE midnight the night before–something I haven’t done since middle school–and studied furiously/deliriously for my Victorian Novel final. Let’s hope I did well. And then Hoolie and I frantically started packing and hauling stuff to my car once we realized that we had only two hours left to vacate the premises. There were a lot of garbage bags, clothes, sweat and injuries involved. Our small apartment is capably of holding deceivingly large amounts of crap.

But I moved home on Thursday, participated in some going-away and graduation parties and then commuted my way back to LA on Monday for Make-A-Wish. Summer is shaping up to be a whole lot of driving. I’m going to be living part-time in LA and Irvine. I have obligations in both so this is how its going to work out.

I don’t really know why I posted this. Maybe I feel like I have to say something because it’s the end of the school year. Maybe because writing here is easier than writing in a journal. And I feel like I’m keeping up my end of informing friends and family of what is going on in my life.

Some choice moments from this school year:

Studying abroad and being able to visit locales in England, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, and Germany as well as meeting some fantastic people.

Coming home and being able to drive, watch TV,  use my cellphone and the American dollar.

Moving back to school, seeing old friends, not cooking, having to sneak booze, partying with the third floor, partying in general, working at Hungry City Guides and Make-a-Wish and crazy persian lady, chilling with Timbaland, and just hanging out with some of my favorite people.

(Me looking at a cute dish Julie bought.)

Me: Hey Hoolie, where is this from?

Julie: Um, China.

Me: Really Julie? Really?

‘Nuff said.


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One response to “In the Summertime…

  1. squigglebottom

    i dont get it… did she think that the china plate was from china?? or was it actually from china, and thus expensive???

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