Profile Pic Numero Dos.

it is like death outside. and since my family apparently doesn’t believe in air conditioning anymore it’s pretty much death in here. i have been negligent with keeping up with email and fb and all other things computer because the heat radiating from the keyboard is just adding insult to injury. i don’t know what my parents were thinking when they traded in the humid hot of Vietnam for the dry heat of California. It’s barely an upgrade.

So, if you’ve ever seen my facebook you will note that I only have one profile picture. Not because I have limited your access to my profile, not because I have that ominous gray outline because I am a) paranoid b) a creeper c) a fb newbie…but because I never really thought to change it. And now after nearly four years I’m going to have a whopping TWO profile pictures. I think that’s just funny. Especially since some people change their profile pictures with their mood, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This picture comes from a series of photos taken poolside, right before our senior year of high school, with two of my favorite people. And every time I look at it, it makes me smile. So here’s the original series for your enjoyment.

And the piece de resistance…

The original facebook profile picture!

That has caused mass confusion when I try and befriend people on facebook because they think I’m the boy in the middle. And probably annoys people who stalk me. Because, there are so many.

And as a testament to friendship, nostalgia and my obsessive love for the above picture, I give you round two of Duyen, Scott, Afarin pictures–a little older, maybe wiser, but definitely still ridiculous.








And might I add patriotic?


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  1. connor

    I am a great photographer… I really catch the essence of the moment

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