Say What? Numero Tres.

I was walking around in Target looking at birthday cards and reading all the ones that I thought could be remotely funny and stumbled on an entire category of cards that I find slightly disturbing and offensive…

The placards usually denote the kind of card, like “Graduation” and “Get Well” and as the years have gone by the generalizations that are key to cards have now become very oddly specific…like “Step-siblings Engagement” and “Single Mother Birthday” and now “Happy Birthday EBONY.”

what the eff is that supposed to mean? Birthday cards specific to race? I think it’s a bit much. And they’re not even close to being PC. On the front of the card is a black and white photo of an older black woman in curlers holding up a piece of fried chicken in her beat up road shouting something in ebonics. The inside reveals a similarly distasteful representation. Doesn’t it make you angry black people? That you are being stereotyped even in birthday cards?

And it also kind of makes me pissed that black people get their own category of birthday card. Does that mean that birthday cards have always been made for white people? That the ones with all those mysterious Confucious quotes and ambiguously zen designs are geared toward White America? Why do we have to make race oriented cards? Why peeps? I just don’t get it.


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