lazy hazy crazy days of summer.

when it gets above a certain temperature, i become completely irrational and heated. i have no patience. i get grumpy and irate. it’s a terrible, unexplainable thing that only can be solved with a high-powered fan, full-blast air conditioning or an ice-cold drink. you all have been warned.

i’ve been doing a lot and nothing at all. when i’m busy i’m really really busy and when i’m not i do nothing but sit on facebook and watch tv all day. the days and weeks seem to meld together. thus the lazy and hazy parts of summer.

now here are all the crazy things i have been up to:

saw (500) days of summer

FANTASTIC, i cannot say enough about how happy and depressed this movie made me.

the ugly truth…it’s anything but truthful.

and gerard butler couldn’t save it from being terrible. he’s not even cute in the movie!

julie and julia (again)

it just makes me want to cook and eat french butter.

funny people…

was TERRIBLE. it was about two hours too long and had nothing funny to say. it tried too hard to be a dramedy and completely failed at doing so.

paper heart.

cute and awkward, just the way we like michael cera.

um, i also went to the OC fair a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed TWO whole rides and cringed at a whole mess of them because carnies and rusty metal rides with moving parts make me nervous…

like so.
like so.

but luckily Connor bought some deep-fried oreos and that made me feel a lot better.


and we got to watch weird al’s weird brain movie in 3-d. it was weird to say the least. but at least we got to wear these neat 3-d glasses!IMG_1003



And then I had a weekend excursion to Las Vegas with the family which consisted mostly of sitting by the pool and playing with the babies.

my lovely view.
my lovely view.

And then headed home for some refreshing strawberry mojitos made by yours truly and Hoolie.


And then I got to meet someone super cool and awesome and ridiculous…

drumroll please….



I got to escort a Wish Child to the X-Games and instead of meeting us there he surprised us by picking us up at the hotel. He was so down-to-earth and gracious and talked to us like we were old friends instead of brand new acquaintances. I could just gush on an on about how awesome he is, but, really, you already know.

Man, I have been busy.

Another post will come soon about the crazy things surrounding my birthday!


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