…i have none.

tomorrow will be my last day of babysitting for my sister. which means that after tomorrow i will have no viable source of income. this is a problem.

in the past two weeks i have applied to a plethora of jobs; ranging from workstudy positions to semi-shady Craigslist postings. And no luck. And it’s not like I’m being uber-picky or anything. I just want a job/internship/activity that will pay the bills. SO, I thought since I’ve tried nearly everything to get my foot in the door I would put out an open call for jobs.

If you or anyone you know knows of a job, internship or other viable money-making opportunities…please for the love of all that is good in this world…pass the information along to me.

These are my only no no’s:

-I do not want to work in retail. Been there, done that. Unless it may lead to an advancement in my career… I.E. knocking off that annoying too cool for school Taylor and taking over Rachel Zoe’s ridiculous job that she gets paid oodles of money for.

-No food services. I will eat everything and subsequent business will no longer exist. And will die of heart attack. Lose-lose situation.

-Babysitting is alright. Easy money but it doesn’t do a thing for my resume.

-You can keep your trick-turning, street whoring, coke-dealing, used car parts selling, shady prospects to yourself. I would not like my life to involve jail time.

Aside from these stipulations, feel free to send any suggestions my way.

Post a comment, email me, call me, beep me if you want to reach me.

Thanks y’all!


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