we’ve got spirit. yes we do.

I have moved into my new apartment. Clothes are still in garbage bags, plates are still in boxes and I am in denial.

School is about to start, for what might be the last time, and that scares me. I have no idea where all the time went. I feel like I squandered it the past couple of years. And as much as I have loved my time at UCLA, I don’t think I took full advantage of it. Last night was Bruin Bash, which is meant to kick start the school year, and last night was the first one I attended. With stomach churning and drunken stupor after effects. But that’s not UCLA’s fault, that would be because of my own stupidity and my angry intestines. But I hung out with Anissa and her friend, another transfer, and they kept asking me what they should take advantage of.

And my simple reply, “Everything.”

So I’ve decided that since this is my last year, I’m going to try a treat it with the enthusiasm of my first year and the wisdom of my fourth year. So here’s a list of things I’m going to do this year.

Take a class in Wooden. Be it dancing, or karate or jazzercise.

Sneak into the athlete’s gym. Because damnit I want to know how great that facility is.

I’m going to write another article for the Daily Bruin…after a two year hiatus…

I’m going to participate in an Undie Run. I know there is talk of it being canceled but I doubt Westwood authorities and campus security are going to be able to keep 10,000 students down.

I’m going to a UCLA Basketball game. It’s supposed to be a riot.

I’m going to go to more football games.

I’m going to go to more film screenings, premieres and arts events. They have so much cool stuff available only to students.

I’m going to more networking opportunities. Job fairs and Dinner for 12 Strangers, here I  come.

I’m going to get a UCLA t-shirt. My closet is sorely lacking school spirit.

And, I think, I’m going to will myself to be a dancer for this year’s Dance Marathon. When else am I going to have the time and energy and support to dance for 26 hours straight? Almost never again.

And I’m going to try and not be a downer about all these experiences being my last at UCLA. This year will be a good year. I’m determined to make it so. Wish me luck.



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