pay it forward.

Occasionally, I get down on myself. Sometimes its because of what I’m doing and other times it’s because of what I’m not doing. I recently got tickets to an event, through Make-A-Wish, called CNN Heroes. I had no idea what it was about so I decided to do some research. It’s an annual event that honors people who are doing great things in their community. The top ten nominees receive $25,000 dollars and the Hero of the Year receives $100,000 to keep doing what their doing and there are some AMAZING stories.

There is Jorge Munoz who spends $500 dollars of his $700 weekly paycheck to feed the hungry in New York, with home-cooked meals, 365 days of the year, for the last four years.

There is Doc Hendley who established Wine to Water which provides clean water to under-developed and over-looked regions of the world by raising money through wine-tasting events.

There is Budi Soehardi who founded an orphanage after realizing his holiday vacation money could be better spent housing, clothing and feeding refugee children.

And there are countless more people who are doing big and little things everywhere to make a positive contribution.

These people inspire me. I am in awe of what the human heart and will can do. So, I’ve just done something I’ve been meaning to do for well over a year now. I signed up for KIVA. It’s a micro-loan program where you can personally lend someone money so they can accomplish a goal of theirs–whether it be expanding their farm, going to school or building a theatre.

I donated $25, that would otherwise be spent frivolously on two DVD’s or a fancy meal or a new top, to six women in Vietnam trying to further their businesses.

Money much better spent.

So even though I might not be able to uproot myself from my ordinary life, at least I’m able to give back in a grass roots kind of way.

So I make this a challenge to you, next time you have an opportunity to give back. Do it. And if no one asks you, seek out the opportunity to do so.

Donate your blood, or your hair. Or register as a donor.

Give to non-profits. Volunteer your time. Buy a homeless man a hotdog.

Whatever it is, I promise you’ll feel better than anything else you spend your time and money on that day. Pinkie swear.


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  1. connor klein

    i believe that it was me that payed for the hot dogs that we gave to the homeless man

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