I’m a blogging delinquent. I know I promised to update y’all but life has just been pretty hectic and I’ve been so busy enjoying everything that I keep putting off documenting it. There’s a lot to cover, so here it goes…

Andy’s Wedding in Texas was fun. I got to see my aunt from Belgium, my grandmother from Virginia, my cousin Hien and her husband from Kansas and obviously, my relatives from Houston. Diversity, oh my. Haha. Aside from the oddly stormy and ridiculously humid weather and my uncle’s inability to drive more than 60mph it was a great trip overall. Lots of bonding and family gossip and good cooking. Here are some of my favorites from that weekend.


Green and brown? Obviously, I loved it.


I am my own entity!


This is my cousin's groom's cake. It's a giant cup of boba. He also had karoake and straw hats at the wedding. Could he be anymore Asian?


A really happy Adrien and a slightly embarassed Hien.


Grandma, Aunt, Mom and Me.

And after that exciting weekend I got to go see the love of my life–Jason Mraz–in concert at the Hollywood Bowl with some of the other loves of my life–Kenton, Suzanne and Connor. The concert was A-mazing! I was nearly brought to tears when I looked around and saw all the people who had come to dance and sing and hopefully not steal anything. It was just so nice to be a part of such a lovely crowd of people. You really could feel the love.



IMG_1709And then he did an acoustic encore about 20 feet away from us!!! So here we are without zooming in and that light emanating behind us would be his majestic Mrazness. Ugh, I died.


And this “love the world” altruistic feeling carried over and I decided to donate blood the next day.


So that’s what happened about a month ago…haha…

In more recent life news we had Halloween and Thanksgiving and some finals. And I attended CNN Heroes and went on a movie hopping extravaganza and saw a bunch of movies which include:

Law Abiding Citizen

-which was a mix of gore, suspense and moral confusion. It’s a fun “how’d he do it?” movie that has me rooting for both the antagonist and protagonist.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol in 3-D!

-this was my first 3-D movie and it did not dissapoint. The scenes where we fly through space and time were great and the 3-D made it all that much better. In a side note, it’s kind of a terrifying movie for my seven-year old self.

The Box

-the entire time commercials were airing for this movie I was incredibly tempted to ruin the ending for myself but I didn’t. Which I was proud of but then I kind of wish I had since this movie was creepy and not really worth watching. It gave me the chills but didn’t give me the emotional pay-off required for me to want to see this movie ever again.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

-had its funny moments but it was mostly a lethargic attempt at an off-beat comedy. It didn’t have enough of a storyline or gusto in general to keep it going when it wasn’t trying really hard to make me laugh.


-if you know me at all you know at least these two things:

1) I hate this whole 2012 apocalypse conspiracy theory ish. Mostly because I kind of believe it might be possible and that scares the bejesus out of me. And yes, I was one of those people that had jugs of water, reserves of food and batteries stored up just in case Y2K was real.

2) I love John Cusack.

Apparently, Fact #2 overrides Fact #1 because I went and saw 2012. It was a lot of fun, minus the entire world dying and whatnot, and visually stunning. And for the detractors who hate on the likelihood that John Cusack could drive a limo through a collapsing building or outrunning enormous volcanoes just suspend your disbelief because if anyone could do it, John could.

New Moon

I, unfortunately, saw this the first weekend it was out and I could barely make out anything being said because of the Team Jacob and Edward fanatics that refused to stop their inane and incessant screaming the ENTIRE time. Otherwise it was decent, pretty true to the book and who doesn’t like a hot boy shirtless in the rain? Not I.

The Blind Side

A-MAZING. I am in awe of the people in this story and their compassion and activism. Hard ass but endearing southern mom? Check. Cute little boy? Check. Southern accents? Check. Football? Check? Inspiring story? Check. Go see it NOW.

Ninja Assassin

There is blood. Lots of it. Go see it if you like that kind of thing.


Now, I was super-excited to see this movie cause I am all about people rising through social classes and bettering themselves through education and that kind of story arc but Precious didn’t cut it for me. It kind of plodded along and there was no real emotional pay off for me. It was a tragic story with fantastic acting but it didn’t MOVE me. But it might move you so give it a shot.

Everybody’s Fine

This is not the happy Christmas family comedy it is advertised as. It’s actually really depressing, especially if you’re a parent, or are going to be a parent, or have parents…so it’s all around a melancholy time. Just wanted to let you know it’s not a comedy, so ignore the cheery commercials.

And went to an LA King’s Game courtesy of Make-A-Wish! So all in all it’s been eventful and there will be pictures to follow…after finals, of course. blah.


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