giving the gift of giving.

christmas is upon us once again. and what do i have to show for it, aside from a staggeringly large balance on my credit card?

well, it’s been another lovely year of spending time with old and new friends, seeing family, eating well and growing up. so in this time of giving and graciousness and holiday cheer, i would hope that this mentality extends far beyond your close ones–as far as your neighbors, your acquaintances and, even, total strangers. for me, this past year has been a lesson in being grateful.

i am grateful to have my health.

i am grateful to have my family and fra-mily.

i am grateful to give and receive.

This year I have spent a lot of time at the Make-A-Wish office toiling away on files and being a little envious of the amazing experiences our wish children get to have AND in awe of people’s generosity of spirit exemplified by the people around me AND renewed in my faith in humanity by the kids I work with at UCLA’s Lab School. And so in this coming year, I am going to try and keep this fuzzy warm feeling going and I would love it if you could help too.

Come February, I will be participating in UCLA’s Dance Marathon…as a Dancer. And my goal is to raise at least $210 dollars to fight the fight against pediatric AIDS. Please feel free to help by dancing, moraling, or donating; just check out the link below.

Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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