oh, hi.

2010 how are you doing? are you going to be nice to me this year? i sure hope so.

it’s going to be a year of big change. i can feel it. and i’m pretty terrified. what to do…what to do? grad school? get my teaching credential? jobs? internships? culinary school? homelessness? start playing the lotto? the possibilities are endless really and that’s what scares me most.

i feel like i am the only one flailing about aimlessly. everyone seems so much more productive…like they have a game plan and are actually executing it. sigh.

this quarter i’m taking my last two required classes for my major–shakespeare and a literature in translation class which just happens to be korean. wah wah waa….

my korean professor is about 105 years old and speaks in a strange hybrid of korean, japanese, cantonese and what is supposed to be english…as far as i can tell. and coming from an asian-american family you would think that i would have an advantage and be able to understand the man…but no. it’s quite the opposite. i spend most of my time in class trying to translate what he’s saying and then trying to do my best impression of it to friends later. it is quite time consuming. below are some of my favorite words to re-enact.





just thought you might like to know.

i will update soon and stop being a lame blogger. right after i get my weekly feelings log, oral presentation and shakespeare essay done. and, yes, i said “feelings log” which is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

oh, and dance marathon is in a month and i still have to raise $200 so if you are feeling generous click here:



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