life skills

i am currently taking a life skills class with afarin which is one of the best/worst decisions of my UCLA academic career.  it’s nice to have a friend in class with you and it’s built in hanging out time. on the other hand, our teacher…let’s call her Professor Trelawney for all intents and purposes (minus the actual skill to do anything productive) has already pegged us as bad students. she always makes us number off to ensure that afarin and i never get to be in a group together. mhmm.

just as kooky but with no real talent.


in our first class meeting she told us that we are welcome to eat in class because our class takes place from 11am to 1pm. prime lunch eating time. i, being the perpetually hungry person i am, bring in meals. not snacks, because “hey, you’re totally welcome to eat in class.” right?

apparently not.

today in her first of many acts of passive/aggressive behavior i was told to stop chewing and start meditating. just as afarin was pointedly stared at to put her blackberry away. which was followed by her quietly babbling about how someone else is always blaming her for her poor driving skills even though she provides perfectly good directions…

apparently she does not have the life skills she is supposed to be teaching us. it’s like they say…

“those that can, do. those that can’t, teach.”

the woman needs to start taking her own advice.


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