love donations.

In a little less than a month, I am committing myself to one of the hardest challenges I will have to face in my young life.

I am going to dance for 26 hours at UCLA’s Dance Marathon.

UCLA Dance Marathon is a cause near and dear to my heart. Some of my best friends will be dancing with me this year and some have given the majority of their college lives to plan such a wonderful event. I always forget how lucky we all are to have our health and this is a chance for me to show my appreciation and gratitude. Help me help the kids who need it most.

My goal is to donate at least $210 to the cause which benefits the Elizabeth Glasier Pedriactric AIDS Foundation, Camp Kindle and One Heartland. On February 13 and 14 I will stay on my feet and take a stand against Pediatric AIDS.  The drug Nevirapine, which cuts the chances of mother-to-child transmission of AIDS in half, costs only $8. Imagine the effect of my $210 pledge!

I would appreciate anything you can contribute. Your donation is affecting the lives of many. And in this time of need all over the world, here is one way you can start giving back.

You can make online donations by clicking here!

DUYEN’S Donation Page!


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