so i once heard that broccoli, blueberries, apples and other such lovely fruits and vegetables help boost your memory capacities….and i just realized that they have all but failed me.

i have been on a healthy food kick for the past month or so. consuming massive amounts of apples, broccoli and blueberry yogurt. i’m talking costco size portions people. but to no avail.

i have been diagnosed with what my friend hailey’s mom calls “sometimers”

as defined:

the early onset of occasional and unexplainable forgetfulness that leads one to distress and frustration. see “alzheimer” for a more legitimate and serious case of “sometimers.”


i lost a pair of levi’s jeans a couple of weeks ago. i turned my closet and apartment upside down and inside out trying to find them. i spent the next few hours and days obssessing over where they could possible be and retracing my steps. no good.

then my sports bras go missing. and then a favorite blazer of mine. and then a pair of sunglasses.

i blame this strange occurrence on a leprechaun that i have decided lives to steal from and confound me.

a couple of days later…

the sports bras are found.

the levi’s found.

the blazer…in the TRUNK of my car.

sunglasses in jackie’s car.

i am losing my marbles. and i’m nervous. i think the leprechaun is taking them. if seen please cage him up (or however you are supposed to apprehend leprechauns) and make him give back my memory and personal possessions. thanks.

in other news…dance marathon is TOMORROW! eek.


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