protesting protesting.

it’s a good thing i didn’t go to berkeley, i might have become a gun toting NRA member by now.

don’t get me wrong i am all for everyone getting their fair share of education. i support people getting financial aid. i get financial aid. i support people getting in by their own merits.

what i don’t support is when people use their race as an excuse for a get into college free card. UCLA is in the middle of protesting mania right now and it’s just driving me up the wall.

our tuition has been hiked up 32% since this time last year. our chancellor lives in an $800,000 home and sees a whopping 18 students a year. we have enough money in our state budget to give kids who are in prison for life, with no chance of parole, a decent college education but we can’t get our act together and allot enough money for art and sciences and teachers in public schools.

yes, it makes me mad. but what makes me even more frustrated is the tactless methods of all the student groups lobbying outside of classrooms with their damn mikes and foghorns. that is disturbing my education experience. creating a human chain blocking my way to classes is interrupting my capabilities to get to class on time to receive the education i am paying so much money for. don’t walk out on classes! by walking out the only thing you are doing is wasting your money and my money. do you know how much money you’ve spent hiring extra shifts of LAPD and UCPD to monitor your shenanigans!?! you’re ruining your grades and wasting your money, you aren’t making a point to anyone but yourselves.

I am currently sitting in the second floor library of Powell and I can hear protesters whooping and hollering outside. Don’t you think that’s a little counter-productive? You are preaching to the choir after all. Don’t tell the students. Take it to the Regents, the State Legislature, AH-NOLD. Write letters. But just stop shouting at me and victimizing yourselves, it’s getting old.


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