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i should be studying!!!

oh well.

i thought i would catch you up on a few happenings but first and foremost let me tell you how dance marathon went. it was kind of amazing and horrendous smashed all together with a electro-pop-rap-throwback dance mix. with the help of your generous donations and a little begging, UCLA’s Dance Marathon raised over FOUR HUNDRED SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! eek. very very exciting stuff.

we all stood up at 11am on Saturday and didn’t sit down again (minus a potty break or two) until 1pm on SUNDAY. the mental fortitude, dedication and spirit everyone had and has blows my mind. i tried to photo-document as much of it as i could to share with y’all and hopefully convince some of you to volunteer, morale, dance or donate to next year’s DM…or do something productive…like study…or something.

so here goes.

10:30 AM Saturday morning: the sea of sitting.

Throughout Dance Marathon there are different themes. This one was “Imagination” and I was Harry Potter. Duh. Hour 1!

connor was a guitar hero. hour 2, get it?! ah...i'm so clever.

jackie was an explorer. hour 3.

so during this first shift, jonathan bennett and lacey chabert (of mean girls fame) made an appearance and an elated anissa nearly ripped my arm off. i have never seen anyone so excited. i mean there was jumping and screaming and squealing and then running. if you ever doubted anissa’s fangirl abilities, trust me, she’s got some. i love you anissa.

can you see the joy in her face?

brett's a dirty hippie. hour four.

Hour 5. Shift Change! Time for the dinosaur shift. Patrick was a megladon or some sort of prehistoric giant shark...

Hour 6. Erin as a cavewoman.

Hour 7. Dinosaur Felicia.

This is when we were happy and optimistic. And still had enough energy to goof about.


Duyen eat Erin!

Can we just note how legit my dinosaur costume is? I have leggings that fade from yellow to green and green flats. ugh, i'm so cool.

Note: Previous to all this madness we all received Dancer Survival Guides and in them they strongly encourage to bring costumes to keep our morale up; they weren’t kidding. Changing into these entirely ridiculous costumes every four hours was my saving grace.

Hour 8. The eight bars on Yoni's shirt lit up according to the sound. It was A-mazing.

Hour 9. Patrick was decked out in a NASA spacesuit.

Hour 10. I obviously had to re-use this magical dress. I'm Jupiter--evident by the giant storm on my hip--and Felicia is Mother Earth.

Also there is something called Color Wars during Dance Marathon that is supposed to create unity and give us something to distract us from the pain in our feet. And part of this competition is a costume competition and we got gypped EVERYTIME.

Space Person, Earth, Space Camp Kid, Star Wars Aficionado, Jupiter and NASA Spaceman. How did we not win that one?

Hour 11. Shift Change! Wild Side.

Hour 12. Channeling our inner animals and Beyonces.

Hour 13. Shift Change! Highlighter/Electricity. And yes, that is a tie-dye Hogwarts shirt. That's Harry Potter twice in one event. Could I be any happier?

Hour 14. So bright and happy.

Hour 15. Yoni is happily raising his hand because this is when he got to go home. Gon and Patrick are quite upset.

Hour 15. See how happy Yoni is? It's cause this is when he got to go home. Gon and Patrick are upset.

Hour 16. Scott, Ed and Danny showed up as moralers and tried with all their might to stay on their feet, keep from puking and make us feel better.

Hour 17. I think by now we were in the Egyptian shift. I look like a cracked out 50's house wife. Close enough?

Hour 18. Ruben and Danny showing how G they are...with help from Anissa and Ed.

Hour 19. Delirium and resentment has set in by now. We're in the Wild West phase. I'm a Native American Indian. I'm not sure Anissa knew what was going on at this point.

Hour 19. Delirium and resentment has set in.

And then Suzanne and Kanami came with the reserves–popsicles, frozen grapes and lots of hugs. They were a breath of fresh air and the last picture I took before it was all over. So at 5am on Sunday is Hour 20.

Better to smile than to cry, right? But we were really ecstatic they were there for us.

In the end they raise the total amount raised up to that point and it was an amazing, emotional and life-changing experience. I think you can see it in the faces of the committee members holding up the numbers.

$407, 223. 73

And just in case you couldn’t see. Let’s take a closer look at that number tw0…

I'm SO proud of you Afarin. I have no words.

It was an incredible once in a lifetime experience and I have nothing but admiration and love for everyone involved. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, gratifying and memorable 26 hours.

I love you guys. Thank you.

Until next year…


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