a month, a mountain and prosciutto.

here i am, a month and two days from graduating…

and i am scared out of my wits.

i’m in a funk. i need to get myself out of it. i tried writing this post four times today to put my worries on metaphorical paper but to no avail. i don’t really have words to express how anxious, lost, frustrated and panicked i am. people have plans and i have none.

oh, and please stop asking me what i’m doing post-graduation because i have no effing clue. you can be sure that when i figure something out i will shout it from the mountaintops on high with such elation that word of my triumphant victory will be known far and wide throughout the land.

and if that doesn’t happen maybe i’ll run away to italy and eat prosciutto, gnocchi and freshly baked baguettes all day…

yes, that sounds excellent. anyone want to come with?


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One response to “a month, a mountain and prosciutto.

  1. Connor

    I’m in as always, I love gnocchi

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