say what? number 3.

It’s a good thing that I slept in this morning or else I would have had to slap a mother-effer.

I was in Irvine this weekend spending some quality time with the fam and was catching up with my sister at lunch. When she told me this story my blood literally boiled.

So she has two children, a boy and a girl. They have two cousins, a boy and a girl. They live down the street from one another so they naturally spend a lot of time together. My sister decided to take all four of them to Target this morning–bless her heart for voluntarily taking four children under nine by herself anywhere. Anyways, as they are walking into Target, holding hands, in an orderly fashion, this white woman comes stumbling out of the store at 9am or so. STUMBLING…at 9am? She must have had a rough night. Well she stares at the kids and then at my sister and says,

“Stop having so many kids. We don’t want our country to be your country.”

And promptly scurries away.

WHAT THE FUCK? Are you kidding me? If I had been there I probably would’ve tackled the beezy to the ground and made sure she didn’t reproduce. But I wasn’t. So when I asked my nephew and his cousins how they felt about it they brilliantly reasoned that she probably thought that we were Chinese.

Nephew: “I mean we are Asian like the Chinese people. And they have a really big population so she probably thought that we were Chinese because there are so many of them.”

To which a confused and slightly irritated five year old cousin responded, “We don’t even speak Chinese!”

Them chalking it up to her ignorance just made me feel better. It reminds me of this video from Natalie from CommunityChannel that continually cracks me up.

Both of their families are actually just at zero population growth. Four isn’t even an extraordinary amount of kids, assuming she thought they all were my sister’s. But whatever, they’ll grow up and and have tons and tons of babies and then have hoppa kids and then she won’t be able to tell her grandchildren from mine. muahaha.


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  1. minyali


    this is ali

    i have become a follower

    i enjoy your blog. other people are too mopey. or boring. yours is just right.

    keep writing and i’ll keep adding to your blog stats 😉

    ❤ minyali

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