just took my last in class final. sent in my essay by email. and that’s that.

UCLA undergrad work, I wipe my hands clean of you.

after sixteen years, i have no homework to anticipate…no summer reading list…no classroom supply checklist…no books to buy. i’m a little sad. i like browsing the back-to-school section each year.

on a side note, i have a minor obsession with school supplies. i once wrote a poem about how much i love post-its for a theater class. i have this thing where the quality of pen i use is directly correlated with how much i enjoy the class.

shitty class=shitty, i got it for free from a career fair pen

interesting, enlightening class=rolling ball ink gel pen

also, i have this thing where when i’m studying for a test i will use pen A to take notes. and then if the test i take allows me to use pen, instead of a pencil for scantron, i will use pen A for the test as well. it’s this superstition i have that the pen has somehow magically stored some of the notes i took and will spark me to remember them when needed. it’s like muscle memory but with a pen…if that makes any sense at all.

i know, it’s random. but i’ll appreciate this when i read this in a year when i haven’t taken a test and am using pens all willy nilly.


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  1. minyali

    once after a long summer where i didn’t take summer school, i picked up a pen in the fall and could use it with a much lower degree of coordination.

    pens are very important to the state of your notes–

    -ball point pens cramp your hands bc of added effort to use them
    -gel pens are mostly super awesome but sometimes the ink doesn’t come out right. and sometimes you fall asleep and it leaves a most awful ink stain on your paper/shirt/bed sheets 😦 i still love them though.

    hope you’re feeling bettar

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