graduation has come and gone.

i didn’t cry. it was surreal. it was much like my high school graduation.

and now i’m back home. and that’s weird too.

but a good weird.

i enjoy seeing my family, believe it or not, and there’s something wonderful and comforting about falling back into routines with friends. a day at the pool, vegging on the couch together, painfully window shopping at south coast, and just seeing one another on a daily basis.  it’s nice to have a place like that to retreat to when everything else seems so uncertain.

i just moved back into my house with the possibility of moving out in the next few months–to God knows where–or staying put for the foreseeable future. it’s all up in the air.

i’ve been applying to jobs left and right. i probably send out close to twenty five applications a week. i have decided that i’m versatile. i can be your personal assistant, your babysitter, your asian stand-in/model, your in-home caretaker, your fundraising specialist, your event coordinator, your freelance writer, your peer editor, you name it and i’ll be it.

please job gods, hear my prayer, let someone hire me.

here’s to hoping right?


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