so i have completely and utterly failed at keeping up with this blog. apparently having an all-consuming job doesn’t leave time for recreational writing. or anything really.

but just to give y’all an update of my life i shall list some new, exciting developments.

  • i am now 22. my golden year is over and long gone. le sigh.
  • i have unruly long hair again. to cut? or not to cut? decisions decisions.
  • i posed in the NOH8 project courtesy of AIDS Walk’s founder/producer–Craig Miller. I look like a vampire!
  • i finished my job with AIDS Walk Los Angeles. it was a great success and we raised $2.8 million dollars!
  • i finished the hunger games series by suzanne collins. it was a really fun and fast read–i recommend it if you want some mindless coming of age dysutopia action.
  • i visited connor in san jose for a week.
  • i am now back at home, amidst a pile of clothes and things i don’t want to get rid of but have no real use for. i’m planning on selling them at holly’s garage sale tomorrow. maybe i’ll make some extra spending money.
  • i went trick or treating with my niece and nephew.
  • i am uber stoked for harry potter numero 7 part one.
  • on december 12, i will fulfill an item on my bucket list by partaking in some deep fried turkey. unbelievably excited.
  • i am going to start eating healthy and exercising in preparation for the marathon of holiday eating and lounging.
  • and the most recent and cuh-razy development is that i will be moving to NEW YORK!!!

what you ask? how you say? I am going to be the Star Walker Coordinator for AIDS Walk New York. I will be helping people set and reach their fundraising goal of $1,000 or more. I will be part of the organization responsible for shutting down part of Manhattan for day–and i could not be more excited.

I’ll be there from January until the end of May/early June which means that I will get to partake in something I am thinking of as NYC Hazing–apartment hunting. The office is located on W. 24th Street. I would like to leave nearby, in a safe neighborhood. Recommendations from the natives, or anyone else is welcome. More blogging will follow now that I have been freed of my 40+ hour work week.


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