coats, cockroaches and pizza.

So I completely fail at updating this. But what can I say? It’s been crazy. So I’m going to catch you up on what’s been happening via the emails I’ve been sending home. Although I did write this little ditty on my first night in New York.

“I’m here. After spending some time in the zoo that was LAX on Monday morning, I arrived at JFK, grabbed a cab, and got dropped off at my apartment. I climbed the three stories with my two suitcases in tow and arrived at my humble abode for the next five months. It’s much larger than I expected, it’s a very long walk from one end to the other and there’s even a walk in closet. With a few minor repairs and touch ups, I feel like it’s going to be a very cute a cozy apartment.

I unpacked my bags, built a shelf and grabbed some pizza last night. My apartment is surprisingly warm and fairly clean. Pictures will follow once I am more settled in. I have to retrieve the five boxes from the office that I had shipped earlier and pick up some groceries. It still doesn’t feel real yet though. I feel like I’m just passing through–as if I’m staying in a homestay for a few weeks instead of several months.

It’s also not as cold as I had expected. Today is a nice 35 degrees outside and I took a walk to deposit some moola down the street. All in all the first day here has  been a nice little welcome to New York.

Oh, and I just saw a cockroach scamper across the floor. Hello next five months of my life.”


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