Holla from NYC

This is taken from the first epically long email I wrote home after having spent my first week in New York…enjoy!

“Work has been slow and boring. I’m being trained in my new position
but between the time change, jet lag and the burning desire to be
anywhere but an office it has been a hard week at work. It’s my first
week here and I was just itching to walk around and explore.

This week we went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries and it was
like shopping for the apocalypse. It’s a two story Trader Joe’s and it
was shoulder to shoulder. And about 70% of the shelves were empty.
Apparently this is very common if you try to go grocery shopping after
work. It was a madhouse. There is also a Whole Foods on the same
corner as my work so I drop by there during my lunch and pick up some
odds and ends and soup when it’s cold outside.

Thursday we all went out as an office to the bar down the street
called XES and Yoni, who was in town for a med school interview, met
up with us! It was so nice to see a familiar face–even though this
would be the first time Yoni and I would hang out without Jackie or
Afarin around. Yoni met all my co-workers and we hung out there for a
bit and then Sally, Jesse, Yoni and I went and got falafels at Taim’s
Falafel. Yoni wanted to go because he had heard of it on Bobby Flay’s
Throwdown. It was D-licious. After that Sally and Jesse went to see
her friend play at a bar called the Living Room and Yoni and I went to
find some dessert. We decided upon a food truck called Wafels and
Dinges, which is also featured on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown, and serves
up traditional Belgian and Liege Wafels. Yoni and I spent the good
part of the evening wandering around trying to find the truck. Our
journey took us through the Lower West Side, Greenwich Village and
Washington Square Park where we finally found the truck and got the
Throwdown Wafel and some hot chocolate. The waffle had this topping
called speckuloos which tastes like crushed up gingerbread cookies
mixed with frosting. It was uh-mazing and is now available online for
$7.95. It may or may not be my next purchase…

Yesterday, Friday,  I got my first New York snowfall!!! 😀 people
could tell that I was not from here. I was giddy and smiling like
someone who was seeing snow in NY for the first time. After work I
headed home and then to my co-workers apartment in Brooklyn for pizza
night. I left my apartment at 7:30 and literally had to force myself
out the door and to the Metro because I was so nervous to venture out
to Brooklyn alone. I also thought I was smarter than the Google map
and got off two stops early because I felt this stop was closer. BIG
MISTAKE. I got off about a mile or so from Julia’s apt and had to walk
the rest of the way because the next Metro coming through was 20
minutes away…I think that’s the most scared I have been so far.
There were times where I was running at a full sprint because I didn’t
want to be where I was. But everything turned out alright because I
finally got to Julia’s place and we made some great pizzas. We had a
four cheese pizza, a prosciutto, arugala, goat cheese pizza, and a
grape, pear, roasted onion, and chicken sausage pizza. Needless to say
I was a happy camper. We got home pretty late and I slept in this
morning until noon which is something that I really needed mentally
and physically.

And now I’m sitting in my living room by myself, Jackie and Sally are
on a run, and I have the whole day ahead of me. I’m thinking about
going grocery shopping for the rest of the week today but I was also
thinking about going to The Strand–the famous NYC bookstore–or the
Natural History Museum which is nearby. Sally and I are supposed to
meet up with some of our co-workers tonight to take advantage of the
pay what you like deal at the Guggenheim Museum after 5pm. And then
Jackie has invited me to her friend’s birthday party on the Lower East
Side and Omid has invited me to a friend’s party in Brooklyn. I want
to go but part of me just wants to be lazy and shell out the extra
money for a TV and cable. Alas, the dilemmas of being a homebody who
feels like she has to go explore.

So that’s my life so far in NYC. It’s been a lot of fun and I can
literally feel myself growing and changing when I do things that I
would not have considered at home. So that’s good. But it’s also hard
being away from everyone. When Yoni came to visit it made me miss home
more. I miss all of you guys. I miss the sun. I miss the comfort of
knowing where to go and when to go. I miss having a full pantry. Haha
but I’m sure when I get back I’ll miss the subway and the snow and the
fact that there was so many places to go and do things…So that’s
where I’m at right now friends.”

Week 2 shall be next and I’m in the middle of living Week 3. I’ll keep you posted.


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