NYC 1/8-1/17


Happenings between January 8 and January 17 of 2011.

“So things have been busy and buzzing in NYC. Lots has happened since
last Saturday, some good, some bad. I feel like it’s going to be
constantly an emotional rollercoaster while I’m here. There are some
days where I am really happy to be here and be in the moment and then
there are other days where I just want to close my eyes and open them
back up and be in California with all you lovely folk.

So…on Saturday I ended up going to the Strand Bookstore which was
pretty amazing. It’s three stories tall and is literally floor to
ceiling books. It was overwhelming but a good kind of overwhelming. I
actually didn’t even make it to the top two floors but I’m sure I’ll
be back to visit. I got two books–Kavalier and Clay which won the
Pulitzer Prize some years ago and is about two friends in NYC during
WWII–WWII, NYC, and friends–could I ask for anything more? And then
I got this book called “I Hate to Cook Book” which is my life in a
cookbook. You see, I don’t actually  hate cooking but I dislike
cookbooks. I always want to go out and get one and cook through it but
it’s always very specific–Mediterranean, Italian, Vegan, Gluten Free,
Organic–or very complicated (meaning more than 5 ingredients with
spices I’ll never use outside that one recipe) so when I saw this book
I immediately picked it up and fell in love. It’s written by a 50’s
housewife whose first choice would not be cooking for her family but
rather drinking cocktails and shopping. That’s my kind of lady. It’s
funny and has snarky comments and the recipes are simple, practical
and easy to do. I have cooked one meal out of it so far because I’ve
been eating out so much.

Note: If/When you come to New York budget for eating out because
that’s all you’ll do. People don’t tell you that, so I’m telling you
now. 😀

I also bought a tote…because it’s cute and I like it. Seen here:

Um…and then I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art otherwise known
as the Met seen in Gossip Girl–it’s where they sit and eat lunch. It
was fun. Little known fact, the Met is ALWAYS pay what you like. So I
gave them a dollar. But on the admissions it says $20 for adults with
“recommended” in small print. So most people pay that amount, but
people in the know like you and I can pay a dollar. Muahaha. I love
exploiting the system.

And then on Sunday, I went to lunch with Omid at Caracas which is a
Venezuelan restaurant that serves Arepas which are kind of like a
sandwich tamale fusion. It was delicious and featured on Bobby Flay’s
Throwdown–it seems like I’m eating my way through the Food Network.
I’m ok with that. After that I headed back to Brooklyn to see his
apartment and meet his apartment mates. They are all really nice and
fun and a nice dose of testosterone. My office is mostly women and gays
so I need some masculine time in my life.

Then on Monday, I went to work…which is work. Still transitioning
and getting into a routine. I feel like that’s the way it’ll be for
the first few …months? haha. After work I ventured over to Grand
Central which I had a major touristy moment and was walking around
with a giant grin on my face. I took a picture with both Grand Central
and the Chrysler building in it–I uploaded it to FB. Then I met up
with Omid and his friends at The Wharf to watch the football game and
10 for $3 buffalo wings! I may become an institution there on Mondays
for buffalo wings.

Then at work on Tuesday we went to the Shake Shack down the street and
got cheeseburgers and cheese fries as an office which was fun. They
have a Veggie Burger there that is a portabello mushroom stuffed with
cheese and fried and it’s great. That night I braved the blizzard–9
and a half inches overnight!!!–and went and saw my co-worker’s Stand
Up Night in Brooklyn. Wednesday night I went and saw Omid’s Stand Up
show called Five Dolla Holla and there was this one guy named Andrew
Schultz who was on MTV who literally made me cry with laughter. He was
brilliant and really inappropriate–it was great.

Thursday night I met up with Sara, who is Connor’s sister’s best
friend, who I’ve met on several occasions for Happy Hour at
McFadden’s. It’s half off drinks and they have the greatest music mix.
I was there for four hours and if I was a good DJ and actually updated
my music library, it would have been this music. AHHH so many good
throwback songs.

Then Friday was the longest day in work history and really stressful.
So I went and did a little retail therapy at J.Crew. All their sale
stuff was an extra 40% off! How could I say no? I couldn’t. I’ve
recently started getting into jewelry over the past year and when I
packed up my stuff for NYC I decided to leave all but my CrissCross
ring and my one Tiffany’s necklace behind. I didn’t want to deal with
having any of it lost or stolen because of sentimental and fiscal
reasons so I just thought it would be easier to leave it safe at home.
But upon arriving and getting dressed each morning, it makes me a
little sad not to be able to dress up or down an outfit. So I went to
J.Crew and bought some pretty sparkly earrings and a sweater and a
shirt–that I have been dying for, for a while–and now I feel

Um…and then on Saturday I went to Times Square for a birthday brunch
for Paul, one of Omid’s roommates, and we went to Olive Garden!
Hahaha, it was the biggest, swankiest Olive Gardens I’ve ever seen.
Two stories, fanciness. I also had a Times Square touristy moment but
alas, no picture. After that I went back to Brooklyn with them and
proceeded to watch 7 hours of football. Too much testosterone. Good
thing I met their new roomie, Marion who is a girl and is Australian
and we made flourless chocolate cake for Paul’s birthday. There is
nothing I like more than chocolate and birthdays. Yum.

Sunday, I met up with a few of my co-workers and had brunch at Barney
Greengrass where I had a Sturgeon King Breakfast Sandwich–eggs, white
fish, onions, cream cheese on a bagel–and drank way too much coffee.
They kept refilling it without me noticing and I swear to  you I had
at least seven cups unwittingly. Afterwards Sally, Brett and I went to
Urban Outfitters where I bought a necklace–to add to the feeling
pretty quota–and then Sally and I went on an epic walk through
Central Park. It was so beautiful. The entire park was covered in snow
and people were  jogging and walking their dogs and sledding with
their babies. My heart was happy.”

More to follow.


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