I haven’t written in eons. I had initially intended to write a letter per week while in NYC and that plan quickly went to pieces. Sometimes, it’s important to take in the moment and enjoy it, or wallow in it, and reflect later.

I have wanted to share but I just haven’t [insert any number of excuses about time, laziness, lack of a laptop]. And for that I apologize.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing in my gmail and saving them as drafts. These are some thoughts from the last few months that never got finished or sent. These are for the people who have welcomed me back to CA, and for the East coast people who are being missed. Thank you.

Regarding Mother’s Day
“Growing up I always felt it a bit silly to have a day like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day because it seemed to pale in comparison to days like Presidents’ Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day but now, having made that mental switch from thinking of my parents just as parents to thinking of them as people–with their own histories, with small tragedies and happy moments, long before I came along–I realize the gratitude that should be shown each day to those who help you grow. I mean, history changing, mountain moving people all had parents to help get them there right?”

Regarding Bi-Coastal Living:
“I hope you are all doing well. Today is my last Friday in the New York office and I’m a bit emotional. It feels like summer camp has ended and now I have to go back home–which is a great thing and a sad thing. I fell head over heels for this city and the people in it. I just realized how hard bi-coastal living can and is going to be.

I feel like this last month in NYC is going to be one big exhale. The sun is out, the breeze is picking up, girls are in dresses and kids are out of school. I am having the most glorious days here. I sleep in for a bit and spend the day reading and walking in the park. I spend nights cooking dinner with friends and tonight, we’re going to go star watching at the Brooklyn Bridge. What more could I ask for?”
Regarding NYC:
“Today I’m in Virginia and tomorrow I’ll be back in CA but I think for a long while my head and my heart will be longing for New York City.
To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to come and live in New York City. Obviously, I wanted to come. It’s been a lifelong endeavor that I wanted to take on but it didn’t make picking up and leaving CA any easier.
And then I found myself in this whirlwind of a city; in a stark apartment, in a great area, with new friends, and wonderful adventures.
I fell head over feet, long story short.
And before I make my way back to the west coast I just wanted to say “Thank you.”
Thank you being a part of these glorious months of growth.
Thank you for inviting me into your homes, introducing me to your friends, your favorite haunts and your least favorite spots.
Thank you for eating with me, watching movies with me, and walking with me–even if just for a little while.
I could not have asked for more.”
I really couldn’t have.

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