Getting dirty and moving my body.

So, if you know me at all, you might have gotten the inkling that I am not the most exercise friendly person.

I like playing sports and rock climbing and kickboxing and playing frisbee but I am not one to run on a treadmill or go on a jog. I don’t think I am inherently built for running. I feel like my hips and my knees and my feet aren’t joined correctly and can’t communicate with one another properly which leaves me feeling like I’m flailing as I imagine drowning would look on dry land.

In other neurosis news, I also don’t think I look like I exercise. I’m not overweight and I don’t bear any resemblance to Jabba the Hut BUT I feel like people look at me and just know. Whenever I strap on a pair of running shoes, throw on sweats, and stick my headphones in and walk outside, I feel overwhelmingly self-conscious. Like people can tell I’m just posing and are judging me for faking my way into their super secret exercise circle. It’s a little crazy, I know.

I just bought these new suckers to motivate me to get out there and get my body moving and I want to dirty them as quickly as possible to remedy my “theseshoesaretoowhiteandnewtolooklikeireallyexercise” syndrome.

Too white! Too new looking.

I’ve been sitting and bending them in half and staring at my coffee cup contemplating what a nice shade of brown they might turn if I were to have a spill. I imagine they look like well-worn in dirt…

MAYBE…I’ll put on my new kicks and bust a move. To my guilty pleasure dance/workout (if I had a workout playlist) song.

Cue Beyonce.

Run/dance/move with me?


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