On Friday I battled the madness that is Penn station at 5:30pm to get on the train and wrestle through security at JFK to run to my gate to find out that my flight had been delayed.

Tangent: I have always been critical of airport security because they never glance at me twice. Except for the time I brought a two pound gummy bear in my carry-on and TSA called the special teams unit because apparently none of them had ever seen such an abominable confection of sugar. Because who would suspect a little Asian girl to do anything diabolical…but that’s exactly the point right? I have every right to be considered a potential threat. I’m not actually a threat at all.  It’s just the principle of the thing. I bet this tangent has set off all sorts of red flags in the government database by now–please don’t take me in the night.

Anyway, after the most nauseous flight that I’ve endured in a long while (Question: Why do people buy window seats if they’re not going to utilize either the window or the wall that comes with the window seat? I, on the other hand, nearly broke my neck trying to catch a couple of z’s without touching those two smug completely upright sleepers to my right and left.) I arrived home to begin a weekend of Lunar New Year festivities.

I’m glad I came home.

Look at all the delicious food I got to eat.




I missed Vietnamese food. And my family–the latter more than the former.

After eating, we played cards and then headed to the temple to check out the festivities and fireworks.

My family  was appropriately bundled for the bone-chilling sixty degree weather–of course.  It has never been more evident than in this picture that they are natives to  Southern CA.

Lunar New Year or Tet as it’s called in Vietnamese is generally associated with traditions that relate to good luck, wealth and health. And eating well, spending time with family and friends, setting off fireworks, and giving money all ties back to those ideas of celebration and anticipation for the coming year.

The main beneficiaries this year were my niece and nephew. Who else?

With their red envelopes!

“Ecstatic” hardly does this picture justice.

Which was quickly replaced with a sugar high. This photo was snapped when my nephew discovered the jelly bean he ate was not fruit punch flavored but vomit flavored instead. They’re Bernie Bott’s Beans!

It was a hectic, busy, and quick trip but I’m glad I was able to come home for a bit. It was also really nice to wake up, put on a dress, sandals, and leave the jacket at home. And I’m really happy it’s Friday. It’s been a long weekend.

Have a lovely weekend friends! I have a date with a crockpot and some fighting robots and Hank Moody shenanigans this weekend. I couldn’t be more excited.


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  1. Food and family – two essentials in life! These essentials are linked in many ways through cultural traditions. May we all appreciate the wonderful traditions in our world, and treasure the uniqueness of each while sharing as possible with others. May we each preserve and carry on what should be cherished, in our own ways. Now please post some recipes for those beautiful dishes!

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