Thanks guys!


Months ago, when I vowed to myself that I would revamp this blog and post more often and hopefully get some more views in this post–I never thought it would take off the way it did last week and especially yesterday.

I was walking on cloud nine last week when I had 53 views, an all-time one day high–and then the internet (and mostly you guys) worked some magic and sent my blog, and consequentially my heart, through the roof with 167 views in a day!

An 11,000% increase!?

When I first started writing over five years ago, I did it mostly to keep friends and family in the loop about my European travels. All five of them. And now this blog is something that has traveled with me through some big life changes and I’m so grateful to have it so I can see snippets of what my life has been like from taking college finals, applying to a job, getting a first and second job, paying loans, and switching coasts. And I am especially excited and happy to have had you join me on this adventure. If you’re a long time reader or if you’ve just come on board. Thank you and I hope it keeps getting better.

I mean anything is better than when I was typing with a Belgian keyboard right?

In other news, NPH’s Opening Number last year was better.

Happy Tuesday!


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