Wednesday Pick Me Up

We’re half way through the week team.

A high school teacher of mine used to always call Wednesdays “Hump” Days which always made me feel uncomfortable. Wednesday is already a bummer of a day and giving it a vaguely scandalous name made it even more unpleasant. When it would rain on a Wednesday she would write “Happy Wet Hump Day” on the board.

Although, in retrospect, maybe she was amusing herself by making all of us teenagers queasy. In which case, I respect her a little more now.

Anyway, to get myself through Wednesday I usually pump the jams while chugging along.

Here are a few of my recent and throwback favorites to get your day going.

And, of course, Harvard Baseball boys dancing in a van. I especially like the one that’s asleep the ENTIRE time while the radio is blasting and the car is shaking. He’s got some mad sleeping skillz.


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