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Summer Wednesday!

Every morning on my way to work, when I get out of the subway there’s a man handing out AM New York and Metro papers. Some days he’ll talk about the major headline like Obama’s validation of gay marriage or Bloomberg’s super-size soda ban. Other days he’ll pick something fun like Justin Bieber’s free poster. Or he’ll yell out “Happy Monday, excited to get the week started!”

But every day he counts down to summer.

112 days till summer! (My internal monologue: Really, right now? It’s February.)

93 days till summer…

41 days till summer… (But it’s still Monday.)

25 days till summer! Almost there. (Yeah! It’s going to be warm and nice soon!)

15 days till summer, just around the corner. (It.is.raining.)

And most days, I give him a nice smile and take a paper.

But today IS the first day of summer.

And this is how I feel about that.

Photo Cred: Brett Spigelman @NeonTurbine

So on this 20th of June, I hope you have the loveliest long day.

Some songs that remind me of summer.

And LFO with some choice lyrics.


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