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Second Friday!

Hello hello! Happy Second Friday of the week! Because July 4th was in the middle of the week it felt like we had two itty bitty two-day weeks. Monday Friday Saturday. Monday Friday Saturday Sunday. Right? Or was that just me?

I hope everyone had a lovely day off. I slept in for a bit, headed to the park for burgers and frisbee playing, saw Ted (which was funnier than I thought!) and finished it off with some fish tacos. All in all, a good day. I did miss CA and BBQs and pools and fireworks but change is good.

Last Friday, I was headed off to Maine for Julia’s wedding and we stayed at a cottage on the water with this as a backyard…

As we drove across the state line, I noticed that Maine’s state motto is “The way life should be.” Which I thought was a little pretentious and pompous of them. But then I woke up on Saturday and went swimming in the river, ate eggs benedict with blackberry lemonade, stopped by an exhibit about Frances Perkins because the Museum’s Board Member, Morrison, (with full gray beard & Gilligan boat hat) told us to, and then headed for a rustic wedding complete with strawberries, lobster, and blues/folk dancing. The sun was shining and people were friendly. The way life should be. Oh Maine, you’ve weaseled yourself into my heart.

On the road I also spotted some New Hampshire license plates and their motto is “Live Free or Die.” Live.Free.Or.DIE. John McClane would be proud. Yippee-Kay-yay…

Some internet findings that I liked this week:

Hope your weekend is full of sun, sunscreen, and watermelon!


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Summer Skittles

Oh hello there! The heat is definitely hot today in NYC and I love looking around and seeing people in shorts, skirts, and bright colors. It’s about time. I thought I would share what I’m sporting today since it is an amalgamation of all things summer (at least in my mind.)

Some sweet gladiator sandals. Polka dot skirt. Breezy t-shirt.
Ombre nails.They remind me of skittles.

Here are some Friday findings for you to peruse this hot, hot day. Hopefully, wherever you are is not quite as humid as it is here!

Enjoy your weekend and see you on the flipside. Holla!

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Summer Wednesday!

Every morning on my way to work, when I get out of the subway there’s a man handing out AM New York and Metro papers. Some days he’ll talk about the major headline like Obama’s validation of gay marriage or Bloomberg’s super-size soda ban. Other days he’ll pick something fun like Justin Bieber’s free poster. Or he’ll yell out “Happy Monday, excited to get the week started!”

But every day he counts down to summer.

112 days till summer! (My internal monologue: Really, right now? It’s February.)

93 days till summer…

41 days till summer… (But it’s still Monday.)

25 days till summer! Almost there. (Yeah! It’s going to be warm and nice soon!)

15 days till summer, just around the corner. (It.is.raining.)

And most days, I give him a nice smile and take a paper.

But today IS the first day of summer.

And this is how I feel about that.

Photo Cred: Brett Spigelman @NeonTurbine

So on this 20th of June, I hope you have the loveliest long day.

Some songs that remind me of summer.

And LFO with some choice lyrics.


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Friday Round Up 6/15

Happy Friday party people!

This week has felt inhumanely long for me. I worked all day this past Saturday and extra late three nights this week. So this Friday has been a long time coming for me. I’m lucky enough to be able to pop out of the office early today though–so that’s a nice way to start the weekend. Looking forward to a weekend outdoors and with friends.

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

  • How fun are these temporary tattoos? For kids? For adults? For everyone!
  • If only this were real. Would you dare press it?
  • Speaking of things you would or would not do…Someone started putting these fun Truth or Dare cards all over the city. I want to find one!
  • The New Yorker just hosted a competition for those folks who are both literary and pun inclined. Although, I don’t think their number one choice would have been mine.
  • Not only has Madewell cornered the market on casual, chic, (expensive) clothes for the 20something J.Crew aspiring set (if you couldn’t figure it out–I am their target demographic) they have also come up with the most summery, sunshiney, CA summer playlist I’ve heard.
  • Love this reading advice from Ray Bradbury. The man just overflowed with wisdom:
  • It’s crazy to see how far these websites have come…man, the internet is way prettier now.
  • Yet another project to put in the “one-day-I’ll-do-it-if-I-had-all-those-art-supplies-and-all-the-free-time-in-the-world” category.
  • It’s amazing what the internet and a sense of humor and a blog can do. Ridiculous. And amazing. Should I start demanding something equally crazy from celebs?
  • And why, at 23, I already feel so old. But really, I had some blueberry soda today and said “Well, that’s nice.” like a 45 year old British woman…

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your days off. I’m excited to sleep in and go to the batting cages and drink lemonade. See you on Monday for some money talk!

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Friday Diversion

or procrastination or time-passing…whatever you want to call it!


Happy Friday everyone–hope this week hasn’t been as long for you as it has felt for me. I just unpacked from my Memorial Day Weekend trip to CA and decompressing from a wedding and now we’re off and running into busy season at work. BUT it’s Friday which means I can stay up a little later tonight and not feel bad.

Here are some fun things I’ve seen and done this week:

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on the flipside!


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